Can Dogs (and Cats) Eat Cake? Yes, Just Not Human Cakes

Can Dogs (and Cats) Eat Cake? Yes, Just Not Human Cakes

Oct 02, 2023Stephanie You

Who doesn't love cake? Cake, a symbol of celebration, love and happiness. A party just doesn't feel complete without a cake. But when it's time to celebrate our pets' birthdays, the idea of preparing a special cake for them tugs at our hearts. Can dogs and cats enjoy a slice of cake too? As pet parents, we've all been tempted to share a piece of delicious human food with them at times. So, let's explore these questions together. We'll dive into their preferences, address safety concerns and even answer the burning question of whether humans can eat cakes made for dogs and cats. It's time to dig in and discover the secrets of pet-friendly cakes!

Can Dogs (and Cats) Eat Cake for Humans?

NO. Dogs and cats should not eat cakes made for humans. Traditional cakes designed for human consumption often contain ingredients that doesn't offer any health benefits or can be harmful like sugar, artificial sweetners, nuts and spices that may pose risks. Feeding human cake to pets can lead to various health issues, ranging from digestive problems to more severe conditions like digestive issues, kidney damage, or liver failure. To ensure the safety and well-being of your pets, it's best to avoid sharing human cake with them. Instead, consider treating them to specially made pet-friendly cakes or treats that are formulated with their dietary needs in mind.

Are Pet-friendly Cakes Safe for Dogs (and Cats)?

Pet bakeries make cakes specifically tailored to be 'safe' for pets, but it's important to note that not all cakes available in the market are equally healthy. It's all about utilizing the finest ingredients and maintaining a nutritional balance. For dogs and cats, a well-rounded diet should include lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential fats, vitamins and minerals. They can benefit from meat-based proteins with whole grains and vegetables for carbohydrates. For cats specifically, certain nutrients like taurine are essential, which they can primarily get from animal-based proteins. Remember, providing healthy treats is just as important as healthy meals.

What Are Dog (and Cat) Cakes Made Of?

At NOMYNOMY, we take great care in selecting high-quality human-grade ingredients and thoughtfully prepared, devoid of additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors, ensuring an all-natural, organic, lean, GMO-free, and lactose-free treat for pets. Our cakes are made with 70% real meat, including 99% fat-free chicken and wild-caught salmon, combined with organic vegetables, rice, cottage cheese and additional micronutrients, our cakes are not only delicious but also serve as a wholesome meal. We take pet nutrition seriously, and that's why our recipes are vetted by certified pet nutritionists. Every bite of our cakes ensures happiness and healthiness for your furry friends. So, when pet owners pamper their beloved pets with NOMYNOMY treats, they can do so without any doubt or guilt.

Do Dogs (and Cats) Like Cake?

YES. As of July 2023, our records still show:
▸ 10 out of 10 dogs recommend
▸ 3 out of 4 cats recommend
The truth is, dogs and cats, like humans, have diverse tastes. While some dogs might show interest in cake due to its enticing smell and appearance, others may not be particularly enthusiastic about it. It ultimately depends on the individual dog's preferences and experiences with different flavors and textures. That's why we are incredibly thankful for the overwhelming love and support our customers have shown for our cakes and pastries. Their appreciation fuels our dedication to continue creating mouthwatering treats exclusively crafted for dogs and cats. Thank you for being a part of our journey!
In the quest to find out if pets can eat cake, we've learned that pets can only consume pet-friendly cakes and it's important to avoid feeding them human cakes. Remember, not all pet cakes are created equal. There are better, safer ways to spoil your furry friend. At NOMYNOMY Pet Bakery, we firmly believe that joy and well-being should always go hand in paw, no compromises – they truly only deserve the best!

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