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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. Our baked goods doesn't contain any preservative, flavoring, chemical agent or artificial coloring. We only use organic and lean, human-grade ingredients. NOMYNOMY is a certified pet bakery and our recipes are vetted by a pet nutritionist. We do our best to make fun treats with purposeful ingredients.

We get this question more often than one might expect. Everything we bake is made with human grade ingredients, in short, the answer is "Yes". Nevertheless, while you could eat it, we don’t recommend doing so as they are made to suite your pet’s palate. They are meat-based and lacks human taste enhancers such as salt or sugar, and you may find the flavors and textures less than appetizing.

First, please check the nutrition labels on the product pages. Our ingredients are listed in descending order of weight. They are free of gluten, wheat, corn and soy, some of the most common grain allergens to pets. If your pet has other allergies and/or preferences, please contact us directly to place a custom order, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

We bake daily, so there is no down time on the freshness. However, like any baked goods with meat and produce, our treats have a relatively short shelf life. Items will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days of receipt. If you plan on serving at a later date, store in the freezer where they can be maintained up to 1 month. We recommend that you slice and wrap before freezing and when the time comes, defrost in the refrigerator overnight until it is completely thawed (this may cause cake to lose shape) to prevent cold tummy-aches.

Please keep in mind while our cakes and pastries are balanced and healthy they are still "treats", and therefore are meant to be served as such, for intermittent or supplemental feeding. Our standard sized cake is single serving for a medium-sized dog (cats will usually control their own diet). It is important to note that feeding guidelines vary based on several factors such as activity level, age and pregnant or lactating mothers. Otherwise, use your best judgement. Plenty of big dogs and cats enjoy little cakes and vice versa. We recommend serving responsibly up to 20% of their daily calories or 3% of weight. Slice the cake into smaller portions and give your pet the treat in small increments if she/he is a prince/princess with sensitive stomachs.

The length of time it takes to consume varies from pet to pet. It may only take a few seconds for a big dog or cat that’s an avid chewer, while it can take others with better table manners 10 to 15 minutes. If your pet has a picky palate, cutting into little pieces and giving privacy helps them keep an open mind.

We currently use Doordash for ordering, shipping, delivery and tracking. Please schedule ahead, delivered as early as next day. Simply select the desired date and time for local delivery/pickup at checkout. Our cakes are made-to-order before store opening to maintain maximum freshness.

We sincerely apologize if your order is damaged, please reach out to our delivery partner via your mobile app to report damaged that incurred during delivery. If this was an order purchased through our website, please contact us right away and we will do our best to make things right. We do ask that you take picture(s) of the damaged items. Credit will be issued to your account within 7-10 business days. Please keep in mind we cannot grant refunds if your pet tries the treat and just don’t care for it or any allergic reactions not specified in the order description.

Yes, we currently offer custom birthday cake, sliced birthday cakes for the group, birthday goodie bags and gift cards. Please contact us with more event details.

Yes. Please contact us ( with more information. Thank you for your interest.