What Our Customers Are Saying!

My pet baking journey began in 2021 during the peak of COVID-19. Spending more time with my dogs, Kai and Saki, inspired me to create something special for them. After searching for top-notch pet treats and finding nothing that quite met my standards. Drawing from my Asian background, where healthy and adorable products were the norm, I decided to create my own.

I traveled to Korea to become certified in pet baking and nutrition and then began experimenting with my own recipes for months. Balancing this new passion with a full-time job wasn't easy, but heartfelt support of customers, friends and family kept me going. I'm ever so grateful for everyone's support, they are a huge driving force aside from seeing the sparkle in the pets' eyes.

Though I don't have a storefront yet, my goal is to make that dream come true. Thank you for being part of this journey, celebrating the love we have for our pets, and the joy of spoiling them with my treats.